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Monday, February 24, 2014

How to stick it to the poor: A congressional strategy

Why choose between under-educating children and taking the food out of their tiny mouths?

"Dumbin' down yer kids is a good thing fer their future"
There's nothing that will make our economic future brighter than under-educating our children, right? That's why, again as a result of sequestration, Head Start literally had to kick preschoolers out of their classrooms this March and removed 57,000 children from the program this September (70,000 kids total will be affected). If this weren't enough, more than half of public schools have fired personnel due to the ominous cuts — and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said sequestration "has been one of the good things that has happened." Given that 40 percent of children who don't receive early childhood education are more likely to become a [welfare] parent as a teenager, 25 percent are more likely to drop out of school, and 70 percent are more likely to be arrested for a violent crime, this is definitely the definition of a "good thing."

Why choose between under-educating children and taking the food out of their tiny mouths?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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How Do the General Fund and the Trust Funds Get their Money?

The General Fund: All personal and corporate income tax.

Social Security Trust Fund: Payroll taxes on wages up to $113,700 (as of 1/2013).

 Medicare: Payroll taxes on all wages.

General Fund: What is the General Fund?
It's the main federal government fund, and its big expense is the military. Then there are the trust funds (Highway, Social Security, etc.). On average the trust funds have extra money that they are loaning to the General Fund, so a lot of the debt is owed to the trust funds.

Debt or Savings: What Is "Total Debt or Savings"?
The national debt (total accumulated debt) is the sum of all the annual deficits less any surpluses. The "deficit" is one-year's shortfall. This shortfall must be made up by borrowing.

But the Social Security Trust Fund and other government trust funds are not in debt. They have trillions in savings and the General Fund (which has the total debt, borrows from them).

Owed to the Public:
AKA Debt Held by the Public is the amount of Treasury Bills and Bonds that have been bought by American citizens and companies and by foreigners. The rest of the debt is owed by the General Fund to other government Trust Funds that have run a surplus. Note that since America mainly borrows from Americans, the debt is mostly owed to Americans.

Monday, January 13, 2014

CPI inflation calculator

CPI Calculator
The CPI inflation calculator uses the average Consumer Price Index for a given calendar year. This data represents changes in prices of all goods and services purchased for consumption by urban households. This index value has been calculated every year since 1913. For the current year, the latest monthly index value is used.
For more information, see the
 Guide to available CPI data.

Todays Stupid comment!

"The truth is, the greatest tool to lift children and families from poverty is one that decreases the probability of child poverty by
82 percent. But it isn't a government spending program. It's called marriage," - Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

So, according to Sen. Rubio, If everyone got married, nobody would be poor.
This is the Great Wisdom coming out of Washington.

The sad truth is that our Politicians have no workable plans for reducing poverty -- just a plan to fool the political classes into thinking they care. America's poor deserve more than that.